I worked with The Whole Cart, a company dedicated to creating mobile food offerings for large companies. The Whole Cart offers a variety of mobile food options at Google's Mountain View campus and while they wanted to understand what about their offerings were working and how they could improve their service. My work was meant to help The Whole understand how to better cater to their customers and ultimately improve their service as they pitch to other potential corporate clients.

How might we identify areas for growth and document how the service current operates?

Contextual Inquiry & Design Research
Visualizing Insights


I met with

  • 10 Googlers
  • 3 staff members from The Whole Cart
  • 3 food truck cooks
  • 1 food truck supervisor
  • 1 program manager at Google

I conducted a walk along observation while Googlers ordered and ate their food in the food truck market,


We sifted through the research and developed themes based upon hundreds of utterances and photos. From that data, we were able to identify several key insights about our participants' relationships with their sexual health. 

Céline and Meg conducting synthesis


  • Because of a lack of knowledge and often fear of judgement, when it comes to their sexual health, women often live in a state of ignorance
  • While women want to talk about sex with their friends, they conform their sexual values to match those of their friends but who aren’t any more knowledgeable 
  • The internet is an attractive alternative to friends and family because questions can be asked without any ramifications

Design Implication

How might we prevent ignorance and empower women to understand of their bodies, sexual health, and sexuality?

Ideation & Prototype

Based upon the conversations we had with our participants, we decided that we could impact the most was educating young women.  We wanted to ensure young women can learn with their peers or on their own but using informed content and conversation prompts – creating a safe place to explore, become informed, and confident in their sexuality.

Never Alone is that place. It is a portal that creates a space space in which to explore a variety of topics related to sexual health. With either a group or individually, users are able to access a variety of subjects – from consent and STDs to understanding your body and exploring sexual relations with a partner. 

Each subject will have varying degrees of expertise and depth. When completing their individual profiles, they will be prompted to indicated what they perceive to be their comfort with and understanding of sexual health. Based upon that criterion, the system will indicate where they might start their exploration. While the system gives a suggestion, each user can access each level of a particular subject. 

Each subject is designed so that groups can explore the topics together, in real life. 

The messaging platform offers the opportunity for a user to either anonymously or openly engage in conversation with the rest of the global community. Individuals can message or the group of friends can use the messaging to ask questions they are unable to answer / want to connect over. 

The group dialogue can either be led by the group itself or a mentor or guide can facilitate the conversation.