Navy Federal Credit Union Redesign

Mobile banking applications often prioritize offering their paid services over the customer's user experience.

Banking apps should prioritize a customer's ability to quickly identify and complete a task.

Redesign and build a product roadmap for Navy Federal Credit Union's mobile banking app.

Invision & Paper Prototyping

Concept Mapping
Prototyping & User Testing
Product Management

Concept Map

A concept map visualizes each action and aspect of a given design, guiding the designer's foundation and intent.

I documented Navy Federal's app and identified several experiential and logistical service failures – including advertising credit cards on the home screen and hiding its core capabilities behind a menu.

My concept and design iterations, pictured above, represented the bank's core offerings and presented a concept that reflected a user's primary interests.



Prototyping is the means in which a designer takes a concept and brings it to life. Here, I avoided extraneous features and prioritized a user's ability to quickly accomplish a banking task. With each iteration, I identified ways to access, and successfully accomplish each product function, like making a deposit.




User Testing

User testing provides valuable insight on the ease and efficacy of a design. Using the "talk-aloud" method, I asked each user to talk through the specific actions he or she took to accomplish a particular task.

User testing coupled with design critique sessions with my peers provided valuable feedback and ensured that the app spoke to my core vision of an intuitive and efficient design.


Final Design

This is the full user flow for depositing a check. To access all of the user flows, click the button below.


Product Management

Whereas design provides a way to visualize an end state, project management is the means of making that vision come to life.

Product Roadmap

A product roadmap sets the project's direction and timeline. The goal is to find a balance between the designer's desired end state created by the designers, the developers' necessary time commitment, your budget, and timeline. Here I mapped a vision that prioritized the product functions my users indicated they use most frequently.

Design Strategy Brief

A design strategy brief articulates the vision, rationale, approach, and details of a particular design. It is a stand alone document that can be used to provide context and ultimately sell a potential direction for a design. Click the button to access my strategy brief for this project.