Fellowship Application


I am submitting my application for Role #2 – Tech Unit.

I have a background in curriculum development, educational technology and online learning, event planning, content production, creative facilitation, and interaction design.

I was introduced to design and Design Thinking via the d.school’s teacher workshop in 2010. Over the past six years, I have explored the intersection of design and social impact. I have dedicated my career to using the design process to bring about social change, look at the world through a different lens, and address problems that impact our communities. I have helped students, teachers, and schools understand how to use creative thinking and problem solving. Using Design Thinking, I have facilitated workshops, helped educators launch projects, and created learning spaces that support project-based curricula. But something was missing – my ability to create the solutions I was helping others generate.

To learn how to create those solutions, I attended the Austin Center for Design (AC4D) last year. AC4D is a nine month immersive program focused on interaction design and social entrepreneurship. While attending AC4D, I deepened my understanding of the design process and developed tangible design skills. I learned how to translate a sketch into a digital prototype and launch, test, and iterate on a live prototype.

Since graduating from AC4D, I have executed both a service design (improving the customer experience at a food truck market) and UX project (evaluating and improving a fitness app.) The Civilla fellowship presents an opportunity for me to hone my skills and prepare me for the next stage of my career. After Civilla, my professional goal is to continue my social impact interest and experience and work a design consultancy where I can leverage my skills and background in strategy, facilitation, and UX.

Thank you for your time.


About Me


Give / Get


  • Design utility player – HCD facilitation, research, synthesis, strategy, and UX 
  • Experience in and dedication to social and civic change – worked with schools, school districts, cities, and neighborhoods. empathy for and can work alongside everyone from CEOs to homeless
  • Develop Partnerships – an ability to reach out to and pitch ideas. develop partnerships and sponsorships
  • Build and host events
  • Team player – a desire to bring value to the team in whatever shape may be necessary 
  • Create online content / learning experiences  
  • Create, execute, and manage a project  
  • Experience piloting and assessing the value of a digital platform   
  • Managed culture change – understand what it takes / what has to be done / the pitfalls 
  • Experience with social services (unemployment, Medi Cal, Healthcare.gov)  


  • Gain further experience on launching, tracking, and iterating upon a pilot program 
  • Deepen my Interaction Design Skills (implement different CI methods; get more practical & hands on experience building, launching, testing, and iterating upon digital prototypes) 
  • Develop the experience to find a job in a consultancy that has a social bent / addresses wicked problems 
  • Build more UX projects for my portfolio 
  • Develop my rolodex of design methods that can be applied in a variety of contexts. For example:
    • when to apply a research method over another based upon the time, audience, and need
    • different ways to synthesize research based upon the data collected
    • identify different narrative styles for presenting findings 
    • explore several user testing approaches beyond paper prototyping and Invison  

Strategy Brief: One Billion 

Downloadable PDF of the entire One Billion strategy brief


My Work

To give you a greater sense of my experience and skills, you can check out the following. 

Case Studies

My LinkedIn profile

My dowloadable résumé


  • Sketch & Illustrator
  • Audacity, Garageband, iMovie
  • Keynote
  • Basic HTML & CSS
  • Invision 
  • I'm a quick study and can quickly learn most technologies

StrengthFinders 2.0
My Top Five Strengths are:

  1. Futuristic
  2. Activator
  3. Strategic
  4. Command
  5. Belief