I am an interaction and service designer with a background in education and strategy.

I find great pleasure in exploring and building upon ideas, "thinking wrong," and working with others to build solutions to a challenge.

Over my life, I have called nine different cities home, been a teacher and coach, and like to bike, swim, and run. I geek out about the changing media landscape and NBA basketball and love eating barbecue, burritos, and pancakes (and sometimes several at the same time.)

I studied Interaction Design at the Austin Center for Design and have a B.A and M.A. in History.

iMovie & Garageband

Facilitation & Coaching
Interaction Design
Product Management
Service Design
Strategy & Business

Design Philosophy

Design influences how humans interact with one another and the world around them. Designers build products and services that extend into every aspect of human life- ranging from how we capture and share moments with friends to how we maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This puts a great amount of responsibility upon the designer. We must consider the impact of our designs, recognizing their influence on human life. For this reason, design is now as much about understanding ethics as it is about building wireframes. 

Because the process of design is about understanding humans and thinking differently about how to best create solutions for them, it is also something that can be understood and integrated by non-designers. 


As our designs become increasing integrated into all aspects of our lives, I am excited by the prospect of building products and services that enhance our daily habits and interests. In particular, I am fascinated by the way in which design impacts how we stay healthy, learn, and engage with media.   


Helping non-designers understand the principles of human-centered design can influence how systems are structured and how they support the people they serve. 

Over my career, I have facilitated countless design workshops to help schools and start-ups understand and practice the core principles of human-centered design. Through these workshops, I have helped clients understand the impact and potential of the design process and  identify products, systems, or services that helped their "users."